One of the terms used in marketing and business SMEs, referring to the different types of companies, where the number of people belonging to each category, micro, small and medium sized enterprises, is calculated.

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     When a business is started up, a complex task is implemented, especially when there is a great deal of competition in the market with various challenges to be faced, which means investing in time, money and effort to contribute to its evolution.

     In many opportunities the desire to evolve quickly and ambition limits us to fulfill the plans, therefore, the success becomes more uphill. With SMEs, there is a greater possibility of going step by step until we reach the goal.

Even small businesses benefit in certain ways that large ones do not. One of them is that you can have a more direct relationship with your customers and facilitate their needs, including having a relationship of attachment with users.


  • the fact that you’re starting up makes it easier to make structural changes within the company.
  • Being closer to the customers also contributes to know the variations of the market.
  • Decision-making is usually the responsibility of one person or a small group, so it is easier to decide than large companies that require other mechanisms.
  • Emotional contact makes the staff involved with the company.
  • Few people form better teams.


  • Lack of financial resources.
  • Attracting new clients through advertising is complicated by the lack of income, delaying the possibilities of future investments.
  • It is usually difficult to invest in technological changes, however, there are alternatives that an SME can also access.
  • Doing different activities without going up is one of the things that can happen.
  • The search for skilled people is important, but dedication and overtime are not always well paid.

All these are high or low when starting a SME, the important thing is the desire, effort and dedication you make to keep the difficulties of the road afloat.

The evolution goes hand in hand with well organized strategies, in order to reach the goal by learning from mistakes for the future, have the experience to solve any inconvenience.